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What is a Woodwright?

Woodwright is used to describe anyone who works with wood.


Some of the names for individual wood worker are:

Cabinet maker—one who builds cabinets.

Carpenter—modern term for one who works with wood.

Coopersmith--maker of barrels and buckets.

Furniture maker—one who builds furniture.

Sawyer—one who saws wood.

Ship builder—one who builds ships. This originally was with mortise and tenon.

Timber Framer—one who uses mortise and tenon to construct a building with timbers.

Turner—one who turns wood on a lathe.

Wainwright—one who builds wagons.

Wheelwright—one who builds wheels.

Wright is an occupational surname originating in England. for example, a woodwright is a person who works with wood, and is used as a British family name. Wright is also an anglicized version of the Scots Gaelic clan name "MacIntyre" or "Mac an t-Saoir", meaning "Son of the Wright", or Son of the Carpenter". The word Carpentier, now Carpenter was introduced into England in 1066 and slowly replaced the traditional name and meaning of wright. Wright is the thirteenth most common surname in the United Kingdom. Its use as a occupational title continued until the mid 1800s. Its occupational use was often combined with other words such as wheelwright or playwright.